Four Principles of the DHT

In DHT, Healingby Curry Blake

The Divine Healing Technician (DHT) Training is the most effective divine healing training available. As stated in the last DHT Newsletter, the DHT has launched virtually every street healing ministry now in existence. The testimonies from Certified Divine Healing Technicians (CDHT’s) demonstrate how easy and effective the training is. The essence of the DHT can be captured in a few principles:

1) The Absolute Authority of God’s Word

2) Exercising the Dominion and Authority of Jesus over sickness and disease

3) Taking responsibility to serve and protect the oppressed captives of sickness and disease

4) The Believer’s Union with God Through Jesus

In this newsletter, we will look at these simple but effective principles.

The first principle we will look at is “The Absolute Authority of God’s Word” In today’s  world absolutes are frowned upon. Many will try to say that absolutes are too narrow minded. The Bible says that God’s Word is “forever settled in heaven” (Ps. 119:89).

Rather than being a cause of concern, the fact of the settled nature of God’s Word should be a reason of peace of mind. The fact that God’s word is forever settled means we can be absolutely sure that God will keep his word and allow us to rest in the finished nature of the work of Christ.

When people ask me what I believe is the most important aspect of the DHT, I also answer that it is the authority of God’s Word. Without the knowledge of and belief in the fact that God’s Word is forever settled, I would never be able to prayer the prayer of faith. The best anyone could do in such a case would be to pray a prayer of hope.

When I minister healing to the sick, I can do so from a position of absolute assurance in the fact that healing is the will of God and that it is His will for that person.

One of the ways that I developed my faith in God’s word was to study the prophecies that Jesus fulfilled during His lifetime on earth.

There are actually two parts to this principle. The first is that God’s Word will never change. That it is “forever settled in heaven”. That means that whatever the Word of God says today, it will say 1000 years from now. All I have to do is make sure I know and understand what it says. The second part is that God’s word is the absolute authority on every aspect of the Christian’s life and practice. That means that I can be completely sure that if I am doing what the bible says (and doing it from the motives that the bible demands) I can know that I am doing the will of God.

I cannot emphasize this principle enough. There have been so many times that I have had the opportunity to back off from what the Bible says. As a matter of fact, I have had that opportunity every time I decided to stand on God’s Word and put what it said above what the circumstances were saying. The enemy, the devil, does not have the authority to do anything to you. He must get you to agree with him in some way before he can actually do anything. The way he most often uses is your words. He will attempt to snare you with your words just as the scribes and Pharisees did with Jesus.

This is why you must learn to speak only God’s words or words that agree with God’s words. This takes discipline but it is definitely worth the effort.

The best way to develop this skill is to constantly think about, read or meditate on God’s word. The more you spend time in God’s word, the more you saturate yourself with His word and with His mind and with His attitude towards life and all its trials and tribulations.

Without exception, the people that I find that have the most problems in life are those that spend the least time in God’s word.

The people that have the least trouble overcoming their trials and tribulations are those that spend the most time in God’s word and communing with Him.

As believers, we must decide to apply God’s word to every area of our life.

God’s word is the absolute authority in the Christian’s life, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

To develop a good foundation in the importance and authority of God’s word read Psalm 119 every day for a month. Notice the prominence of God’s word, His law, and His commandments in that psalm.

Ps 138:2 – I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name. KJV

The second principle of the DHT is this:

 Exercising the Dominion and Authority of Jesus over sickness and disease

John Lake said that the secret to amazing power that was demonstrated in the revival in South Africa was due to teaching the workers there to exercise the dominion of Jesus Christ and that they received power when they received the Holy Spirit.

This is a very important aspect of the DHT and the victorious Christian life.

Jesus was exalted and put over everything.

(See: 1 Co 15:25-28; Eph. 1:22; Heb. 2:8)

Jesus said in Matt. 28:18-20 that He had been given ALL authority in heaven and in earth. Then He said we are to go in His name (meaning in His authority which was ALL authority) and train people to live and function exactly as He had lived and functioned.

Jesus lived as one that had authority. He expects us to live as ones that have authority. We must realize that we function in His name and with His authority.While we use His name/authority, we must realize we are using His authority (which is comprised of ALL authority!

We are not operating in some limited amount of authority, we are operating in the same amount of authority Jesus has. Because it is His authority we are operating in. When we learn this and function fluently in it, we will see the exact same results Jesus did.

We must learn that power does not fall from heaven onto the sick. It flows from us into the sick. This is why we lay hands on the sick, to transmit that same life and power. Out of our belly flow rivers of living water. (John 7:38-39) Those rivers are the Holy Spirit and it is the Holy Spirit flowing from us that heals the sick.

When the church learns that, healing will rise to new dimensions. We are already beginning to see this happen as we teach the truths of the DHT to people around the world.

3) Taking responsibility to serve and protect the oppressed captives of sickness and disease

One of the greatest changes that occur when a person attends a DHT is that they will begin seeing the multitude of sick people that are around them. Many have asked me where all the sick came from because they had never seen them before in such numbers.

The answer is simple, when you don’t think you can do anything about a problem, you train yourself not to see the problem. When you thought you could not help the sick, you trained yourself not to see them. But once you learned that you can do something to help, you immediately begin seeing them.

Since the Bible constantly refers to the sick as being oppressed and being held captive by the devil, once you learn the truth about who you are and what God expects of you, it is only natural that you should start taking responsibility to set the oppressed free.

You must know that you are your brother’s keeper. You must know that should do unto others as you would have them do unto you. (Matt. 7:12)

4) The Believer’s Union with God Through Jesus and The Empowerment of The holy Spirit

The final principle we will look at now is that you must know that God is for you, with you and in you! You must know the close union you have with God as a result of being accepted into His family. You have been united to Him. He is the Vine you are the branch. The life of the Vine is the same life that flows through the branch. (1 Co. 6:17)

As a believer, you must develop your confidence in the truth of God’s Word that declares that you and Jesus and the Father are one. United together. You must also receive the Holy Spirit and rely on His power dwelling in you to accomplish anything and everything that God has promised. It is His indwelling that allows the power to flow through you into others.

It is His power dwelling in you that answers every need to have. Learn to depend upon the indwelling Spirit of God to bring about every answer to every need.