Basic Principles of Kingdom Finance

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There are two main areas in Christian’s lives in which they need the most help. One is the area of sickness and healing. The other is the area of finances.

In these articles we will look at how Christians can walk in Divine Provision for finances just as they can walk in Divine Provision for Healing and Health.

One of the reasons for my doing a teaching on finances is because I have seen so much exploitation and manipulation being done in that area. The best way to defeat error is to preach and demonstrate truth.

In this article, I will simply give you some basic operating principles that every Christian should adopt.

(I have instructed my staff to make the audio of this teaching available for free.)

Basic Operating Principles For Kingdom Finance

1. Tell your Heavenly Father what you need, not man.

2. Have faith in God to meet your needs, not man.

3. Go the hardest path.

4. Find out what God wants done and do it! (Regardless of available finances.)

5. Let blessings overtake you, don’t chase blessings.

6. Expect nothing from man.

7. Always operate (give) out of gratitude not compulsion or fear.

8. Focus on God and people, not things or finances.

9. Give, don’t lend. Give to anyone that asks.

10. Do not rely on gimmicks.

11. Be a (financial) river not a (financial) dam.

12. If everything you own doesn’t belong to Christ, you don’t belong to Christ.

13. What you invest in, you will value. What you value, you will invest in.

I am not going to go into teaching these in-depth here. Go to my website,, and listen to the teaching as you study these principles.

(Get a copy of George Mueller’s Autobiography or a good biography.)