Hi, thank you for your ministry. I asked for healing prayer and the people you sent have been
extraordinarily patient with me, giving me so much time and help. I am currently going to the Skype group after the Sun broadcast. The leader has followed up with me many times, even offering to come to our home, over an hour drive away, on a holiday weekend, and spending time with my husband as well as with me, with his son here too. Leaders have done a wonderful job and showed so much patience with me and with each person. After a serious and unexpected health crisis I emailed your ministry and was followed up immediately by all the appropriate people. The follow up and personal attention and time you give to people is amazing. Thank you everyone. I am really impressed. What is important here, I’m sure God is well pleased with all of you. You reflect His love and serve others in a genuine, unselfish manner and you live what you preach/teach. May God bless and increase this ministry so that He is
A Healed Sister in New England