‚ÄčAt A seminar I was healed of a neck problem of 50 years due to a motorcycle accident in which I lost 2 1/2 vertebrae in my neck. This pain and immobility had gotten much worse lately.I was healed but the next morning it was worse than ever. A side note, late afternoon, I developed a terrible headache, very unusual for me. Satan was saying, since I wouldn’t accept the neck problem back, maybe I’d accept a headache is what I believe. I didn’t and it left also and hasn’t returned! My wife received pain relief for an ongoing back problem of 8 years which had been operated on to keep her from being paralyzed. Much agony over the years. She is now able to function in a normal way and is getting better still. She also received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit! It was a miracle that I was able to attend, also. I had just come in contact with JGLM and been listening to Brother Curry when I received some money unexpectedly. I didn’t know what it was for so I hung on to it. I then found out about the Conference. At that time our car had a cracked block so I didn’t see how I could attend but registered anyway in faith. A week to the day before we had to leave someone gave us a good car. We drove there without a problem, car runs great and gets great mileage! This had to be God! We could never have attended due to our limited income otherwise. I just want to thank God (and JGLM) for answering prayers for answers to why things hadn’t been working as I was taught by the outstanding faith healers.
John and Jeanie