Hello, my name is Christopher, and I live in Kentucky. Last year around the spring time, I had a friend of mine give me some materials of yours on the DHTT (Divine Healing Technician Training). I had never heard of Curry Blake, and I listened to him and I can say that I am ruined! Anyways we have had our own ministry now 3 years; we meet out of our home right now every other week. I have contemplating this for a while, and I would like to lead a life team here. We started putting this to work immediately and are and have been seeing a lot of things happen. I will report this, towards the end of last month (March), I got a text to my phone it was from my supervisor at work, it was about his former Pastor’s daughter that had been in a four-wheeler accident, she was fighting for her life. It was a little after 9:30 pm, my wife and I prayed in the car immediately. When we got home we prayed again. I had to go and preach as a guest at a church the next morning and decided to go down to the hospital after the meeting. The next day myself and another leader of our ministry went with me. Upon arriving I spoke with the dad, and the mom briefly. The dad asked if we would like to pray there in the waiting room, or go into the room (where his daughter was). I replied that we would like to go into the room, she was not coherent at the time; they did tell me that she had been responsive that day, which was more than what she was the day previous. The little girl was only 10, and had tubes and such everywhere. I had the mom lay her hand on the daughter, the dad joined his wife’s hand, I too, the dad and the person who was with me prayed about half a minute or so, it wasn’t long. They thanked us for coming, and we thanked them for the opportunity to pray for their daughter. That night (around 9 or 10 pm) I found out through my supervisor again, that little girl was up and wanted to watch T.V., she went into the Hospital on March 23rd, on April 2, 2013 she was at home doing great, with everything in her body working right. I hear she has some minor short term memory loss, but that she is doing good, moving around with no permanent damage or anything.
Another situation happened around the end of February, beginning of March. I had a friend of mine post on Facebook to pray for his dad, that he had some kind of life-threatening cancer. I spoke with the friend of mine, we talked briefly and he said he would get with me and let me know when I could come and pray for his dad. I had told him that we would pray and would also very much like to come and pray for him. We prayed right then, 2 days later I found out that they had moved it from a stage 4 to a 2 …it went from life threatening to NOT life threatening, and most of His test came back negative! I was told that only His lung was affected in some way, but not bad enough to hospitalize him. I have talked with him since and he tells me his dad is doing fine,
A co-worker of mine in March came in distressed one night at shift change and told me that he may have to leave that night. His wife had just called and told him that her dad was in distress and asking her to rush him to the hospital, said it was his heart. I was told that this man had, had 2 open heart surgeries prior before. I prayed that evening, and for about 45 min the next day while at work. Later that night my co-worker came in and I knew I had a breakthrough that day, I was anxious to see what was going on with his father in law. He told me that every test they did came back negative, that his father-in-law was fine, with no problems what-so-ever.