Thank you so so much for your prayer! My wife called your prayer line yesterday afternoon around 5pm, as well as sending an email prayer request to a couple we know and did missionary work with who are a couple of your DHT’s in Europe, and it is miraculous what has happened to me. I had been sick for 6 days, with congestion, sinus and chest tightness, difficulty breathing and sleeping, and great fatigue. I almost died from asthma when I was 6. The priest had pronounced extreme unction over me, and I had pneumonia when in the marines, so I was being hit by fear that I might not live through another winter.
From the moment that my wife called in the prayer request to you, within a very short time I felt the spiritual bonds leaving my heart and soul. The fear and anxiety left, I felt nothing but peace and immediately started feeling better physically. My breathing became relaxed and normal and I have totally recovered. This is the most incredible healing I’ve ever experienced.
Thanks again so much for your ministry and keep up the great work you’re all doing!
Greg and Lynda