I wanted to thank you all SO much for praying for me! A few weeks ago, I got mastitis, which turned to sepsis, which created an infection in my heart. Last week, I was really struggling to breathe, each breath felt harder and harder to take and I knew I either needed to call 911, or call the JGLM Emergency prayer line.
I called you guys and could barley speak, I said I had an infection in my heart and the man began to pray for me. When he prayed, I felt my heart “thud” and then it began to beat regularly and I could breathe again! It was like I got hit with a Holy Ghost defibrillator, and I knew that God saved my life in that moment!
The next morning, I went in to have some tests done on my heart, and they saw NOTHING wrong!
Thank you for answering my call, and THE call!
And thank you for all you do to equip the Body of Christ!