Last night we were in service at my grandparents church and we have been talking with that pastor about what God has been doing…He stopped mid sermon while talking about victory and handed us the mic…I handed it right off to my wife cause I was afraid I was gonna take the mike and run with it lol.

She gave a brief testimony about how God delivered and set her free. During the altar call the pastor came up to me while people were praying at the front and asked me, “Can I ask you to do something for me?” I said, “Name it and it’s done.” He said, “That’s my son up there praying and he’s struggling with some of the things that God has delivered you from…I want him to have what you have.Will you go pray for him?.” I told him,”It’s not about me being anything special I just walk in the liberty and freedom that’s the birthright of every believer and I do my best to be obedient.

I went up and prayed, I skipped trying to convince God to deliver like I would have in the past and I didn’t beg God, I simply placed my hands on his back and commanded liberty to the bound.

After the service these girls brought up a friend who was experiencing severe abdominal pain. They were going to take her to the hospital but first they wanted prayer. I turned to my wife and said,”Katherine, pray for her.” She laid her hands on her stomach and started commanding the pain to leave and the body to heal the damage and the devil to go. Lol I’m laughing because it’s so simple and also because of the reaction of the pastor…He was kinda pleasantly surprised and he was like,”Well bless God!” Lol

She was INSTANTLY healed!

I told Katherine when I got home that,”I love the way you pray, it’s direct and to the point and brutally effective. You aren’t praying with one eye closed and one open flipping through a thesaurus.”

We DEFINITELY want to go through the DHT program and I also sent the YouTube DHT video and audio sessions of Bro. Curry to that pastor from last night. I spent some time talking about the things we have been learning.

He was preaching a ton of stuff we were hearing on the videos and me and Katherine kept looking at each other and grinning during the service because this pastor is on the right track.

We also have started going into Walmart and making witnessing and prayer a top goal. We have a daughter that’s almost a year old and most people will let down their guard when she starts grinning at them and it opens a perfect opportunity to engage them in conversation which then leads to telling them HOW God has blessed us when they say, “God bless you.”

This grandmother with her grandkids was taking with us in the baby section and as we were leaving she said, “Y’all have a blessed day.” Hehe…Door opened and I stuck my foot in the crack and walked on through.”

I spun around and before I could even think to stop myself I blurted out,”,Oh He already HAS blessed us! He has healed my wife miraculously 4 times in the past 3 weeks!”

She was just kinda stunned and speechless. Lol

We will check out the links and start taking it step by step.

Love you guys.