PRAISE REPORT from Prayer Requested! Thank You for your Faithful Prayers for my daughter. She started her new job yesterday, with a $3 an hr increase in pay, full benefits, 401K and intimate work environment. On her last day at the other job, they did an investigation of the manager who was harassing my daughter and others – they did not want to see my daughter leave. My daughter was worried about her coworkers she was leaving behind. I told her do not fear. A few days ago, I heard, “God has Judged” in a dream and awoke to see 2 texts from my daughter. She said she was getting a flood of texts from her former coworkers – the top officials after investigating, fired the Manager. We prayed God would either change the manager’s heart, move my daughter on, or remove the manager. God has Answered.

Reply from JGLM Prayer Warrior, Betty:
I knew He would move. When talking to Him (our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ) about this situation with your daughter I knew, that I knew, that I knew He was going to take care of her and this situation in a mighty way!

Thank you Lord, you are always true to us! Not only did you take care of one of your daughters, but you took care of the others who were being wronged. We give you glory and honor! Praise you Holy name Lord God Almighty!

Praise report replied: You said, “you knew that you knew that you knew” … the very first time I met… (name protected), he prophesied to me, “You will know that you know that you know” – Wanted to share that with you – you Blessed and reminded me when you said that. Divine Connections and Alignments!
Thank You Father!