Dear Bro. Curry,

I am sending this email to give testimony of God’s touch. I called on the 2/11/18 because I had gotten a real bad infection in my foot. I was in a lot of pain. I thought I would have to miss work, but the I had a walking boot to wear and it made it tolerable to walk. The next couple of days my foot pain began to get worse and I was at work today which is 02/14/18. I received a call from Linda (one of many JGLM Prayer Warriors/servants of our Lord Jesus Christ).
I was not able to answer my phone at the time she called, but she left me a voicemail saying that she was sorry for the delay calling me back, but that you had received my call and that you had prayed for my foot and she also prayed for me on the voicemail. 02/14/18 my phone showed she had called my phone at 3:29 that afternoon and I got to listen to the voicemail around 3:45, and the moment she commanded the pain to leave I felt the pain leave my foot, and when I got home from work I took the walking boot off and was able to walk on foot. The swelling had gone down tremendously and I felt great relief. Thank you so much for the work that you are doing. I know that you are a true man of God.

your brother in Christ,