Hello everyone,

I am writing to you from Bulgaria. I phoned you several days ago in order to seek a support in prayer. I am pleased to say that the Lord was merciful as ever. 14 year old boy (child name protected) was in coma, but he woke up in perfect condition and there are no signs of inflammation in his brain. The doctor say the critical condition is still on, but we trust that the Lord had already healed him completely.

In addition, I wanted to encourage you with another thing. Maybe you don’t have ever heard of our city before, but here we are training in the same ministry as you, thanks to your seminars, which we can watch on Youtube. Thank you so much for everything you do!

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you!



Our sister in Christ, (mother’s name protected) – child’s mother, wants to glorify God, so she agrees child’s testimony to be published on your website. Child, gets better and better thanks to our great God!

Bless you all