Shalom, I just like to say a big thank you to Curry for his DHT Training and New Man teaching,. I have watched the DHTT about 8 times. Right now I’m going through the New Man again,

Well, I went on a mission to Uganda by my self, basically I went with one message, I did have my testimony and 2 short messages as well but one message which I was teaching everywhere which was healing. I was there for 5 weeks and 3 weeks I was doing ministry. I see over 900 people healed based on the DHT teaching, I was teaching this and the people I was teaching who they prayed for the people was getting healed so it works for anyone.

This teaching has changed churches and brought life to where there was none. Even young people become on fire. It was great to see.

I have made a video of this which is my experiences of my mission and the teaching I was teaching which has demonstrations and testimony’s.

the video is on youtube called MAN ON A MISSION UGANDA

So I like to thank Curry for this. It has gave me a hunger to go out and do this.

many blessings