My name is Sean and I’m from Canada but I have lived in the Philippines for 7 years. 7 months ago I was moved by the scripture in John where the disciples brought the blind man to Jesus and asked Him whose sins caused him to be like this. Jesus said that nobodies sins caused this and that he was made that way so that God could be glorified….and then Jesus healed him. I thought…..if people are born with afflictions so that we as Christians can heal them through Jesus and give God glory……why aren’t we healing everyone. I studied many teachers about healing and I have to say that your teaching is the most rock solid and biblical I can find. I have watched hundreds of hours of your videos and have been laying hands and seeing Jesus heal now for 6 months. I’ve seen hundreds of healings now and I take other Christians to a large public hospital emergency ward every weekend. I have seen amazing things. Deaf ears open, eye sight restored, dead black fingers come to life, Kidneys, Gall bladders and appendixes healed and people free from agonizing pain. Lumps on necks disappear and movement totally restored and pain free. There was even a woman that had a stroke was paralyzed on one side and her tongue was lodged against her mouth and she couldn’t speak. Jesus freed her and she said thank you and started eating yogurt. The doctors were amazed and admitted that no Dr. or medicine could do what Jesus does. I know you have a special place in your heart for the Philippines and hope to see you hear soon. I’d love to build the kingdom together!

Love ya