Hello! And Praise God!!!

I called your ministry a few weeks ago for prayer. I apologize for not remembering the name of the young lady that prayed with me but I will say she was very sweet, very professional and very confident in her position in Christ to command the life of Christ to come into my body!

I was having some very alarming symptoms – dizziness, rapid heart beat, pain in left arm, etc. Having been trained as a nurse, I recognized what the symptoms were saying. Although I didn’t have an immediate physical relief, I knew that the power of God had come into my flesh to make corrections!

In the next few days, God revealed to me that I was combining some nutritional supplements and they were causing electrolytes and potassium levels to be messed up. Within minutes of this knowledge coming to my understanding, the symptoms left.

I AM SO GRATEFUL TO GOD for straightening things out in me!!!! And I am grateful to your ministry – to the young lady that was trained by God through your ministry – for her kindness and willingness to pray for me!!!!

🙂 Becky