God bless your ministry. I am totally in line with the Word of God as you preach. I just followed the DHT training. God began to show its wonderful glory in my life. I received healing my back that ached from time to time and from the time the Pastor prayed for everyone and gave us the testimony of healing of herniated disc, I do not have back pain.
I witness many miracles that God does through this ministry around me. I increasingly feel like praying for the sick. I’m making a list of all my knowledge to call them and pray for them.
I prayed for my 4 year old son who had allergies and he gets better.
I prayed for my 9 month old baby who had a cold and the cold stopped. I prayed for my aunt who had a heart problem, she got out of the hospital. On the evening of healing I have prayed for a gentleman that is lying with pain in the stomach he was up one minute later.
Again thank you Lord for these profound revelations I received through your training. I have to get up as a good soldier and go to the front.

Brother Martin