For at least 5 years we have been ministering deliverance and have ministered to countless people.
We’ve seen breakthroughs, terminal illnesses healed, but the thing is, it takes us hours to cast out a demon, usually from 1 to 5, even up to 2 days, as demons make lots of demands, and claims that he has a stronghold in the person’s life, like generational curses, unforgiveness, etc. It was quite tiresome, required a lot of energy on our part. We had to dig deep into the persons life, and most of the time it takes us so long to discover the enemy’s stronghold per se. Also many times, even after the very straining and long deliverance session, nothing happens to the person. No healing took place.
When I was able to listen to the DHT, it set me free! It totally revolutionized the way I minister to people. Demons don’t stand a chance, when they try to claim their right to a person, now I know better, I tell them to leave and immediately they do. And the best part is, in ministering healing to a person, I now rarely encounter demonic manifestations, but instead, instant healings take place immediately. Unlike before that 85% of the people we minister to, demons manifest. Also, miracles such as growth of the shorter leg are happening. Now we know how to minister like Jesus did!
It’s such a blessing to be able to get a hold of the DHT. I thank God for JGLM. I wish you guys could visit the Philippines sometime, everyone here needs to hear you! God Bless and continue to be a blessing!
Truly yours,