I am so thankful for the ministry of Curry Blake and how he has changed how we understand our relationship with GOD and how we read our bibles. My wife and I recently attended a DHT during the first week in December and couldn’t wait to lay hands on the sick Saturday night. My wife grew in her faith tremendously when a woman asked her if she could heal a growth on her eye lid. She quickly layed hands on the woman’s eye and commanded the growth to leave in Jesus name and when she pulled back her hand it was gone! My wife was as shocked as the women and her friend- Praise GOD! We have been looking for the sick to heal ever since.
My faith grew tremendously the following Saturday night when a f-1 tornado came through our neighborhood and right down our court. I was sitting on the front porch with two of my sons and granddaughter when my sons phone alerted us of a tornado warning in our area. I quickly told my boy’s that we didn’t have to worry because we have been given power and authority by Jesus to command the elements as He did and then all of a sudden, there it was coming right at us. Never before would I have ever thought I would find myself standing toe to toe with a tornado commanding it not to touch any of the houses in our neighborhood or take any human life. Long story short, it destroyed everything else in our neighborhood but no homes or life were lost-praise GOD, how awesome is He who chooses to live in us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Curry for killing all the sacred cows in our life and helping us understand that we are sons of GOD who serve!