I just wanted to share a few testimonials with you and brother Curry. I’ve been a Christian for 27 years and up until last year I had only seen a handful of people healed after praying for them. I got your name from a friend as he saw I was serious about learning Divine Healing. I got your DHT (Training) starter set and have listened to them over and over. You can’t imagine how hard it was for me to stop asking God and start taking authority over sickness and disease but I did it. At first I saw very little success but as per Brother Curry I kept doing doing it.
My first real testimony was when I met up with an old friend who was fighting cancer. He (name protected) had been taking treatments for prostrate cancer and the doctors had told him it had moved into his throat. He was very down so I took authority over that spirit of infirmity, encouraged him to not give and we parted ways. About 4 days later his wife told my wife that the Doctor had called and said that they made a mistake based on the latest test results and had declared my old friend to be cancer free.
Another testimony involved another cancer patient who going through treatments in (hospital undisclosed). He (name protected) had a cancerous tumor appear on his back, had surgery and was taking chemo. While I didn’t know (name protected) this man, I felt compelled to go up there and pray for him. I made the arrangements and went. When I got to his room I had to put on a mask and gloves and was told that I couldn’t touch him. The man… wasn’t real thrilled about me being there but told me I could bow my head and pray.
I informed him that, that wasn’t how it worked. So I stood at the foot of his bed, took authority over that spirit of infirmity and cast it out. After I finished he said, “I gotta give you this much, about half way through your prayer I felt my whole body get warm.” A month or so later this man was in total remission and has been since that time last year. Glory to God!