I just recently listened to all your videos of DHT from your trip at Australia (2 yrs ago). I followed all your rule on the training and according to the Bible as well. To make the story short Pastor Blake, I heard at the building that I live near the daughter of one of the neighbors who was very sick, to the point she ended up at the hospital and in a few days she was release because doctors could not do anything for her. She was going to need a kidney transplant to survive, and many other organs were not functioning on her body. I asked if I could pray for her, but she refused the first time. The next day the Lord told me to ask again. I insisted and went to her house. I laid hands on her and commanded the sicknesses to leave her body in Jesus name and for the organs, and tissues and cells to be restore in Jesus name. All this happened back in August. On Oct. 31 the father of the young lady came to my apartment door just to tell me with tears in his eyes that his daughter was totally healed and her organs were functioning just fine according to the doctors. PRAISE THE LORD!