After church (11/02/14) a group of us went to a nursing home. We went into a room where a man was sat in a wheelchair. He couldn’t speak clearly, but he wanted us to pray for him. We prayed for a few minutes and then asked him what he wanted to be able to do. He replied that he wanted to walk again. So we commanded his body to be restored and walk again and asked if he wanted to try walking now. He stood up and took a few steps, getting more and more excited each step. In the end he walked out of the room and down the hall shouting “I’m walking, I’m walking!”. The nurses were staring in amazement and said they had never seen him walk before. They insisted we walk a wheelchair behind him. He was so excited but he was quite large and got tired after a few minutes. We encouraged him to continue walking each day.

Then we found a couple of ladies sat watching TV. We were praying for one of the ladies when the other started coughing and really struggling for breath. I went over and prayed for her for a while. Something was wrong with her lungs and heart, so we continue to pray. Then, again, I asked her if there was anything she wanted to be able to do, and she said she wanted to be able to use her hands. She had arthritis in her hands and couldn’t close them and had some pain in them. We spoke to her hands and then asked her to try them out. She could bend them and the pain had stopped. We prayed again and then she could make a proper fist without any pain. We stayed around the area for quite a while and didn’t hear her cough or struggle for breath any more.

Walking down a hallway we stopped to talk to a very elderly lady in a wheelchair, but she could hardly hear us and thought we wanted to play with her instead of pray for her. We tried to make ourselves understood unsuccessfully, and then decided we should just pray for her hearing. She continued talking to Leanne while we prayed, and at one point Leanne then asked her if she could hear us. She replied that she heard us perfectly and to quit hollering at her.
James and Leanne