I been listening to the DHT for about a year or so.
I grew up in church for 32 years of a bretheren Church where I was taught that the gifts all ended with the apostle. So, in June of 2013 a friend of mines gave me an ipod with your teaching, to be honest I listen to it to prove him wrong and when I went to scripture I couldn’t find verses to prove other wise. I’ll admit I was very religious so when I heard the DHTT it was very hard for me to understand, but I started to share it with my brother and mom and sister and we all struggled at first, Until…

December 15, 2013 My niece found my mom dead outside on our porch I
ran to pick her up and was about to call 911 when God spoke, “call on me instead”, so I called to my brother to help me get mom into the House. Carrying dead weight
is Heavy! We put our mom down on the couch and my brother said, “game on, lets do
what we have been learning for the past 6 month”. Thats when we both laid hands and commanded my mom to live and not die, that’s when my brother said, “we got’em, she is coming back”, so we walked away to wash our hands and all we heard was a deep gasp for air so I turned and stood in amazement. I picked my mom up and check all her vitals and mobile functions, thats when she said, “boy I hungry”. The next day we went to church to tell her testimony, but we were told no, it doesn’t happen. By January 2014 we left the church and went to a pentecostal church, but soon realize what you mean by tradition. So in August of 2014 we began a home church and listening to your preaching on the daily basis. At this moment I’m listening to Manifesting the Spirit of Faith.