Dear Brother Curry

I’m writing on behalf of myself and my friend who recently found your TV program on Life TV in the UK.

Wow; we’re just blown away.

We have known for many years that God is good and wants to heal us and we have searched and searched for the reason why we are still not healed. I gave up my home and life and went to Bible College but 13 years later we are both in the same position and there is little evidence that God even exists in our lives.

Our searching and studying has made us certain, beyond doubt, what is provided for us in Christ Jesus, but His finished work has remained at arms length and we haven’t had a clue why. It is a deep seated desire within each of us to heal the sick and raise the dead, but we haven’t been able to access the power of God for the slightest pain in ourselves, never mind others. Oft times we have been so disappointed that we wanted to give up completely, and even last week we both admitted to each other that we couldn’t bear to live in this continual defeat any longer and wanted the courage to take our own lives.

Something changed when we watched your programmes together over the last couple of days. You reignited hope in us that the power of God IS available to us and is close – not something we have to reach for with much groaning and effort. We are both exhausted with the continual effort and you ignited rest in our hearts again.

This is not really a testimony; it’s just a recognition that your teaching feels like the missing key we have been searching for. You’ll be aware of that already, but we wanted to touch base and say hi. We’ll continue to watch the programmes and I have ordered some MP3 downloads and we expect great results from believing what you show us in the Word and doing what the Word says.

Thank you for the simple, matter of fact way in which you minister. We have followed many ministries over the years and there is always something else you need to learn about; always another DVD set or another ‘latest’ book to pay for. You are different. I personally love the fact that you don’t ask for money and you don’t try to sell materials over the TV program; your purpose seems to be getting the truth into us and not asking for anything back! Thank you that your program is about funneling the power of God to us, not about funneling our money to you (we’re both very cash strapped, but would support you with our last penny just because you are giving so freely what God gave you freely). I have just signed up to be a partner (a tiny amount, sorry) and I think (my friend) will too.

We would appreciate your prayer as we embark on this new path. We will keep you in our prayers too.

With warmest regards
J & A