Last week we reported the testimony of a crippled neck being healed. This week in our new man study that we are hosting at our home, the lady shared her testimony of how God healed her neck. I had already told my wife before everyone showed up that tonight was going to be crazy, that God was going to move through us.

Well, we saw a man get set free from over 40 years of foot pain instantly. We also prayed for his vision to be restored but didnt see any change right then. I told everyone we dont have to see now but yall watch what happens. His vision on the way home started clearing up and he told me that he could see much better. He was so thrilled and humbled. We saw a high school girl softball player who has been living with painful arthiritis in her back get completely set free. She just broke down and started crying and said its all gone, its all gone. We saw a foot healed from constant pain. We saw crooked toe causing pain in another ladys foot get straightened and all pain left. We saw one girl who was skeptical if God would move through her to heal someone else. I said is Jesus your Lord? Are you a believer? Do you believe what we are studying about the new man? She said yes of course. I said this girls back (yes another back seperate from mentioned above) is going to be healed and God is going to use you. I had her lay her hands on her back and not say anything ( mark 16) and the girl said my back is on fire! She stood up and all of the pain had left. The skeptic was astounded that God used her.
We had a torn ligament in a shoulder healed. We commamded hepititis c to leave from a girl and are awaiting a supernatural report from doctor. Commanded diabetes to leave from another girl and are awaiting supernatural report as well.

We are a group who is tired of dead church and has gotten a hold of the truth through Currys teaching and we are living this out, renewing our minds and applying what we are learning.
We laughed lastnight talking about what all we have been missing out on and have neen in church all our lives but never saw this. Thats why we have stepped away from dead church unlearning lies and running with truth!

God is limitless. He is just waiting to move through us to show Himself strong!

Love in Christ,