Dear Curry Blake

I am writing this letter after listening to your sermon – I have been watching and hearing through YouTube your messages eight months almost daily and also Lester Sumralls’ teaching videos + old sermons of John Lake and Smith Wiglesworth. Last spring 2016 I heard your name from my friend and since then I have been listening your sermons. I believed and my mind and my calling has been renewed by Holy Spirit and through the Word of God.

I was that spring time also very sick and weak but believed the promises of healing by His wounds. Ever since I have been healed and well and want to trust on wards my total life on His promises. I have made a decision to believe and learn more about the promises and blessings to be able to share them to others. My inner being is burning for Lord and I love Jesus. From my youth when I came to Lord at age of 18 in 1980, I have always had a deep desire to serve the Lord and looking for the Bible standard life. I was doing church work several years…9 years. Within those years there was much blessings but I did not reach the level of faith I have been longing.

Last ten years I have been kind of wounded in spirit and disappointed to Christian life I saw around and in my life as well. When I heard your message something clicked and pieces was put together. I repented and forgave to all people who ever has hurt me and felt freedom, peace and joy. My life has totally changed and I want to serve Him and do His works. Bible is now lively and works in me.

I feel that Lord has encouraged me to contact you, from whom I have learned so much. I thank you and really appreciate your work. I am feeling that I need help because there is not many around me with whom I can share my heart and my hunger. However I have found two brothers with whom we will start to pray and search together the blessings, which are in Christ.

I do not even know what kind of help exactly I am looking for. I am getting blessings all the time through the Word of God you are preaching. I have felt like being a part of the Dominion congregation and joined sometimes to Holy Communion through internet. The thought of being connected with like-minded people brings joy and hope to me.

Backing up in prayers will be valuable and enought and I appreciate if you kindly do that. Maybe and hopefully in future there might appear something where roads will cross and touch.

I have been thinking and praying how I can spread the Truth, total Gospel for total man… where ever He wants.
I want to step forward and looking for guidance from my Lord. You are in my prayers.

With Blessing and Love