Hi brother Curry,

I’ve gotten a hold of your message from a pastor named Kim. Since November I’ve listened to 2 DHT’s and many of your other messages with JGLM, and it has revolutionized my walk in renewing my mind to the will of God and rebuking sickness in those around me.

Since, I’ve prayed for a young woman with pain in her lower back for over a year, and after commanding it to go she said it felt warm with no more pain. I have also seen instant improvement the hands of an elderly lately that had arthritis after praying three times. One lady I met on the street was healed from chronic headaches she had since she was a child, and on the same night another lady experienced healing in her shoulder (before it was hard to move – after, almost full mobility!). God is good!

I have been making many trips to the mall to find sick people – many of whom however have not manifested physical healing. Reading the bible and hearing your testimonies remind me that I can be getting much better results, but in my larger Christian community here, I have felt very alone in my believing and doing.
I am zealous to do the word of God and see people healed, so I am wanting further discipleship and experience.

Thank you