Feb 01, I began having severe lower abdominal pain, and by that night had to be taken to the ER. The Dr gave me antibiotics and pain medicine for what they diagnosed as the beginnings of diverticulitis (a common occurrence in my family). Unknown to me, the antibiotics had begun to destroy my gut flora and weaken my immune system, and the pain meds masked my bodies symptoms. After returning to work my fever spiked to 103, and was again rushed to the ER. Another CAT scan revealed that my entire large intestine was now inflamed. I had contracted C-Difficile (A nasty antibiotic resistant super-bug). By the morning of Feb 8, I was lying in a hospital bed and the Doctors were doing everything they could to save my life, my wife had called in every prayer warrior she knew (including Bonnie and our friend Todd ). On the afternoon of Feb 8, a friend and his wife walked into my hospital room. He laid his hand on my chest and spoke with authority in the name of Jesus to the infection in my body. He commanded it to leave. I looked at my wife, and asked her to take my temperature. In an instant, my fever had gone from 102 to 98. The infection was gone! I stayed in the hospital for a couple more days, then was released.
The following day I began a protocol, a couple of weeks into the treatments, I begun to have pain on the other side of my lower abdomen. The Doctor determined that my appendix was about to rupture. The blood work confirmed his suspicion. Before he sent me off to the hospital to have my appendix removed, he laid his hands on my abdomen and spoke in the authority of Jesus, and commanded the issue to be resolved. We went to the hospital for the surgery. Again, our friend met us at the hospital and spoke to my body with the same authority as the doctor had before. The nurses took me off to have a final CAT scan prior to the removal of my Appendix. When the results of the CAT scan came back, the doctor looked at me like I was crazy. He told me I still had some diverticulitis, but that my appendix was ok. They released me! God had once again healed my body without the assistance of modern medicine! Glory be to Him!