Dear JGLM family
I wanted to share two quick testimonies related to what I am learning in DBI. I’m taking DBI and in the class Curry was talking about how we should be able to watch the weather and when a storm comes, we should be able to pray to stop it from bringing destruction. I have been doing that for years but I wanted to give you a testimony that what you are teaching is being put to work.

In one of our Dominion Life church meetings, a lady said that some big shot prophet in the area had been prophesying that a huge storm was coming to the area and that it would bring death and destruction to judge the country. The woman was very concerned because many people look to this false prophet as being the real thing. I shared the scripture that says the words of the prophets should be judged by the prophets. I explained to her that God is not judging the country and that it was a false prophesy. I told her that I will prove it. I told her we are going to pray and cancel any and every storm of destruction heading for this area. December is usually a rainy season and this month, we had rain but not one major storm. We didn’t even have any thunder or lightning . Thank God that when I was six years old my dad taught me faith by teaching me to pray for or against weather and that Curry is teaching us in DBI to use our authority and the name of Jesus.

There was a time (earlier this year) that there were 5 tornado’s in another Oklahoma and one was heading for the city of Tulsa. They had it on the radar. I used the name above every name, Jesus Christ and told that tornado to go. The next report the weather man said , I cant believe it. The tornado that was heading for Tulsa just disappeared. I stayed up all that night watching the storms and stopping them from causing destruction. I only missed the Oklahoma city storm and one in one other area. All the other tornados did not cause any damage.