Oct. 2017
…Since 2011, I was doing a lot of praying and seeing some results, yet I knew there had to be more I wasn’t understanding. I asked God to show me what I needed to learn. A few months ago, shortly after that prayer, my husband was listening to one of your videos, and Holy Spirit reminded that I wanted to look up John G Lake Ministries, which Dan Mohler had mentioned. So I did and have purchased several of the teachings from your website, which I am in the process of going through and studying. I also listen to the TV show videos from your website. I am so thankful for all that you do! This has helped me tremendously. My husband and I will be partnering with you soon.

I feel much more confident in praying for others and in claiming the truth of God’s word over my life and living in divine health. Jesus is my Lord and I am so very blessed and thankful to Him for all He is doing in and through the Body of Christ!

I am renewing my mind to God’s word daily. It’s what I desire the most, to know Him. I have learned new ways to do that through your Mind Renewal teaching, which has been very inspiring. As I work a full time job, I listen, using an iPod to my audio bible, JGLM teachings and praise music as much as possible. I love how my understanding of God, through His word gets deeper and deeper. And how His Word is health to all my flesh. I have no words to explain the pure joy in this. Like God’s word says…unspeakable joy!

I have seen some healing results, although they seem to be slow. I keep believing in God’s faithfulness and renewing my mind to His word, that I shall do the same works that Jesus did.