Oct. 2017

Just wanted to say thank you so much! I always wanted to know how to renew my mind but i just didnt know how to go about doing it. I am trupy blessed to have found out about you and your videos. I’ve been watching all your seminars since heard about you on one of pete cabrera’s youtube videos. DMT has absolutely changed my perspective on healing and im excited to apply all im learning right away. The new man seminar is great too and im currently listening to it on repeat. I found your renewing the mind seminar that you did in germany and i did what you said. I did 4 sets of 7 bible verses based on the new man as well as some verses from romans. I wrote out the paragraphs and set my phone to go off at certain times of the day. Im on day 18 and ive only got 3 days left to go to complete this first 21 day session. I have already noticed some results. Some bad habits that i couldnt seem to shake before(social media, celebrity gossip sites) i have lost complete interest in going to these places, i dont even want to. I cant listen to certain music any more, it doesnt sit right with me. Im also understanding what it means to be a new man more and my identity now. Im sure there are more things but those are the most notable. Im going to do 2 more 21 day cycles with these verses. You introduced me to carolyn leaf and ive been listening to her material and learning more how the mind works as well. Its awesome. I know this was long but just want to say thank you for everything. Its all been life changing and eye opening.