Hi my name is Sam Tapeni from Honolulu Hawaii. I’m a Son of God who teaches math in our local high here in Hawaii. This I had 3 teens in my class room who came with cancer. The first one was a stage 4 leukemia, he came to school for two weeks in that two weeks i prayed with on him. In two weeks he returned to the doctors and they said it was gone, another student had breast cancer. I prayed on her three weeks ago she came back from the doctors, cancer gone. My third student i prayed for gave her a prayer cloth. She back Last week and told it was gone. Our heavenly Father is Good!! All Gory and praise to our King Jesus!! Later on i asked the Lord how come its so easy to kill cancer and then some other stuff is a struggle.The Lord answered Because Sam when it comes to cancer you already settled it that it will never beat you again after you lost your brother. We as Sons must settle it, it already done in Jesus mighty Name. Past tense form.

Stay Blessed Brothers and Sisters in Christ