DHT Testimony
January, 2017

This testimony is from Linda, Kathryn, Sue and Deb. We are part of a women’s bible study in Colorado. We had just finished studying Andrew Wommack’s study “God Wants You Well” and were starting “You’ve Already Got It”. We had also been reading about the authority of the believer from Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland and Andrew Wommack.

Only Kathryn had ever listened to Brother Curry’s teaching but when she found out that there was to be a DHT in Dallas, she informed us and the Holy Spirit made it clear we were to go and cleared the path.

Deb took a step of faith on the flight there, not wearing acupressure bands for motion sickness. She was fine but it was a smooth flight.

We were all so excited to be taught straight from the Word of God and the conference fired us up to really be doers of the whole Word. It really confirmed what we had been learning but showed us more Truth about Who lives in us and gave us boldness and desire to see others set free from disease and loved into the Kingdom. We had all prayed for others before with some being healed and some not. But we didn’t all understand the dominion we have been given.

We went out to the streets on the first night but there were limited opportunities. We asked people if they wanted prayer and if they did, we prayed. If not, we blessed them and went on.

After the healing service on Saturday, Kathryn noticed that her eyesight had been healed to 20/20 without asking for prayer, which was confirmed by a visit to her eye doctor the next week. She also was healed from a growth on her eye. Deb’s eyesight was also healed along with digestive issues. Sue’s hot flashes were greatly diminished.

On Sunday, out flight back to Denver was turbulent due to very high winds.
Deb had absolutely no problems with motion and even looked out the windows when the plane turned with no problem. There just happened to be a woman (Jennifer) seated in the same row, who struggled with motion sickness too. Deb commanded any problems with motion to be gone, in Jesus name. She asked Jennifer how she was doing at the end of the flight. Jennifer wanted to know what made this flight different and Deb told her that Jesus did not want her in bondage to that anymore, explained her authority as a believer, which she was, and encouraged her to listen to more teaching from Brother Curry and Andrew Wommack. She just happened to live in Woodland Park, CO, which is home to Charis Bible College.

During the flight Kathryn had been sharing from the Bible with Brooke, a young lady in her row. This young woman had grown up Catholic but asked more questions as Kathryn shared the Word that God heals all. Kathryn just happened to have her Bible with her because her luggage was too heavy with it in it. When the flight landed we all went to a deserted place in the airport to pray for her hip, where there was an injury to cartilage, causing pain and she had not been able to run for 4 months. Sue lead the prayer and then we told her to do what she hadn’t been able to do. She took off running for about 50 feet and broke down into tears because it didn’t hurt her anymore. We encouraged her and shared more about Jesus.

On our way to meet our ride home, we shared an elevator with two moms and teenage girls who had just been to a gymnastics meet. Linda asked one teen how she had done and she said, really well, but the other one said that she had hurt her back and couldn’t finish the meet. Linda asked if they wanted to get off the elevator and have us pray for her. The mom agreed, so we commanded the pain gone and the back healed in Jesus name. Kathryn could feel heat and the swelling on her back go down right away. Linda told her to do something she couldn’t do. The girl said she couldn’t do a cartwheel, so we told her to do one. She did and said the pain was gone! Her mom yelled “Hallelujah!” and the other mom said we were scaring her but in a good way.

We have continued to step out boldly in various places to pray for people.
We have taken authority over MS, Parkinson’s, cancer, autism, herniated discs, shattered ankles, knee injury, hip injury and others. While we haven’t seen immediate results, we are keeping our faith on it and believing and thanking the Lord for the manifestation. Some people we can follow up with, but some were strangers to us.

We are also sharing Brother Curry’s testimony with others and it is opening doors to share what we learned at the DHT.