After following the teachings of Curry Blake, once by video and then the trained DHT July 2013 I began to pray for the sick and organizing meetings for healing. Here are some results we have obtained during the evening of healing in September 2013.

A woman was instantly healed of a herniated disc in the second day of the seminar without imposition of hands. She grabbed this faith healing during lessons.
A young girl was instantly cured of eye problems and her sight became clear immediately.

A young woman of 32 had blood loss and pain in the lower abdomen for ten years and no treatment has been able to stop the bleeding. She received prayer and three days later, she noticed the disappearance of bleeding. Since then she is completely healed.

Depressed father and who was under the influence of a demon of madness and fear lived completely secluded in his house for months. His wife and some friends brought him to our evening of healing. He received healing prayer and after a few days, he went back to work. Fear and state of madness had completely disappeared. To date, he has no problem and lives happily with his wife and two daughters.

A young man who was suffering from pain in the esophagus for 2 years, received prayer. Two weeks later, he confirmed the total disappearance of her pain. He could eat and drink and sleep in peace.

A 36 year old woman could not get pregnant and had already made four or five miscarriages. The possibility of pregnancy was declared void by her doctor. She received healing prayer. She gave birth to a beautiful little girl. The little baby and his mom are doing very well.

Jesus Christ is Lord!