I’m not sure where to start. I have been on a spiritual journey that has culminated with buying the DHT manual from your website. My 18 year old son and I watched the You Tube series of the DHT that was recorded back in 2011. The theme of walking in the authority we have as sons of God has really resonated with me. I appreciate the simplicity of the message and the dedication to following the clear reading of the Word of God. I even had a chance to give a sermon at my church congregation that I called “In for a Penny, In for a Pound”. I challenged the congregants that if you call yourself a believer in Christ then be all in. Take Him at His word. Be who he called us to be in Mark 16. This is definitely how I am trying to walk.
I am also seeing people differently. I see sick people in a way I have never seen them before. It’s hard to walk by them and not be compelled to pray for them. I have prayed for more sick people in the last three weeks than I had for people in the prior twenty years. I mean really pray for them. Using the power in the name of Jesus to command sickness out and life in.
My son prayed for a kid on his tennis team who had shin splints. My son went out on faith and told the kid that Jesus could heal him. After my son laid hands on him and prayed, the kid’s face went blank and the bumps and pain instantly went away. The kid was texting my son all evening that the pain (that kept the kid from playing tennis that day) was gone.
I laid hands on a guy at church who was in so much knee pain on Good Friday that he was walking with a cane. When he sat down, the pain he experienced getting up was severe. I saw the same brother Easter Sunday. He told me that when he got home Friday night from service, the pain was gone. He was walking without a cane on Sunday morning.
I believe God’s word and know I am his son. It is simply amazing to see myself as a son of God. Wow! So now I am reading through the DHT manual. Thanks so much for your ministry. Thanks for staying true to God’s word.