Over the past few years I have ministered healing to hundreds of people in our local hospitals and hospices. I have something that you will appreciate very much. In 2012 , in one particular hospital I led 14 people to Jesus and saw dozens healed. One morning I was driving home and I just started to cry, “Father, how can I get to them all?”. Sound familiar? I then came across your teachings from a friend. As I started to go through
every DHT on YouTube , the Father started confirming over 10 different items that he was already doing in me and through me! It was stunning the confirmations that kept coming. It is one thing to learn tremendous things from such a great teacher as yourself , which I have, but it is another thing for the Father to confirm through your
teachings what I was already doing. You are the best. I love who you are and so does the Father.
It is wonderful to co labor with you.