I Just want to share with you all , and let you know

I have NOT been taking pills for Epilepsy for a long while now. I am completely Healed in Jesus name .. and I want to thank you for the Prayers. I feel a hundred percent , and I can really thank God for such a miracle. I have learnt a lot about healing in the last 2 years. To think that I was bound to pills 3 times a day for 32 years of life. My Neurologist said to me over 2 year ago when I had a very bad attack and cut my head open that I would take these pills for the rest of my life just so I could feel normal. I would have to take these pills just to control Epilepsy. If I missed one Dose I would feel it coming on, and possibly have an attack that day, to now experiencing the freedom and Fullness of normal health, THANK YOU JESUS. The Dr’s did tests and can find NO epilepsy in my brain, the Dr. said for my condition that’s amazing .

God is awesome… and I will never ever expect anything but what God promises us, because God wants the best for us!! Any sickness and disease is cancelled and will bow to the name of Jesus !! It is finished on the Cross and I received full restoration to my body. I have now been walking Hospitals praying for people for 2 years now, and seen many miracles in other peoples lives.

God is our healer and the lame will walk, the deaf will hear and the Blind will see…Praise His Holy name!! Jesus !