I wanted to let you know of a miracle that happened here in our living room this past weekend. One of the ladies that attended our new man study told me of her neck and how she was unable to turn her head to the right or look up, due to a tramatic event in her life that left her with plates in her neck, and an embarrassing knot that pertruded from her spine from the surgery. I told her that now that she made me me aware of it, I had to act on it and that God was going to fix this. I said you are not leaving here this way! God has healed you already and He is waiting on someone to flow through to appropriate what He has done for you. I said, and thats going to happen tonight!

I had her stand up and had 3 others come and join me in laying hands. I said that they knew enough at this point to have faith for this. I also told them its not about me or anyone of us but Jesus in us and wanted them to be able to put into action what we are learning. So, we laid hands, I commanded the neck to function correctly with full range of motion, that by His stripe it was healed and thereby to act like it. I told all pain to leave and not to return. I said ok, test it out, move your neck. She did and started crying. She said I havent been able to move my neck, they said this wasnt possible. I had her move it some more. I said is the pain gone and it was. She said its still a little stiff though . I commanded all stiffness to go 100 percent now in Jesus name. I said now try that. She got excited and said i can move it now all the way! She was shocked but touched by the love of God.

She told us that the doctors said she would never be able to look up again because of the plates. I said ok and I laid hands and i said to Holy Spirit, you know what needs to happen here with these plates and I know that you are doing that now. I thanked Him and waited about 30 seconds for Him to flow through me. Then I said ok look up! She waited a second and then looked up at the ceiling for the first time in over a year since her surgery. She reached back and felt her spine behind her neck and said its gone, the knot is completely gone!

She started crying and said that she has held un-forgiveness towards the person that did this to her because of the constant pain and disability. She said that I released that to God, I’m free. The next morning she put on her facebook her testimony of what took place and that she slept all night for the first time, pain free and woke up pain free.

Our God is so good. He is a good, good Father and he loves us so much!

Thank you Curry for your faithfulness in preaching the truth. I don’t have words to express all that you have taught me that I am now walking out and teaching others. Our lives have changed and we are committed to changing others and carrying this message with you as we learn and grow up into the full stature of Christ!

With much love in Christ!