Dear Brother Curry,

I am writing to encourage you about your teachings and how they have benefited both my family and the people around us. I am a married mother of four children, I am also a Christian songwriter, and this story relates to how your teachings opened my eyes to the full truth of the gospel and gave me the faith to believe for my healing and for the safe arrival of my fourth child during an initially frightening pregnancy. This message saved my life, gave me faith and hope for my baby and changed how I write my songs and ultimately how I live my life and understand God.

In 2014 I became very ill and was taken to hospital five times by ambulance. Not long after this began I fell pregnant unexpectedly and was frightened for the safety of my baby on account of my health at the time. I previously believed that God could heal but not that he necessarily would. At that point I was experiencing sudden attacks of illness where I would pray to God to save me, these prayers were fearful and with little understanding of what God wanted for me, or even, whether he was truly for me. Meanwhile, the people at the church I attended told me that the reason I was experiencing illness, was that God was using illness to teach me or others and that it was for His glory. This made no sense to me although I had heard it before. You see, the illness had begun just days after I had rededicated myself to reading the word and recommitted myself to God. Why would God punish me for that? After all the foolish things that I had done in my life, the thought that God would wait until I recommit to reading the word to then smite me, was just illogical…

The new church we attended believed in healing, they prayed over people with expectation and they were aware that there is power in faith and in the words that we speak. I spoke to them about how ill I had been and how I was learning about healing, and I told them I was praying for my unborn baby, whom God had shown me was a daughter at one point in an ambulance when I cried out to him and he showed me His hands, around my hands, around my baby girl’s hands. I spoke to a man about my circumstances and what I was learning and he directed me to your ministry.

It was then that my understanding of God and what he had done for me changed forever, suddenly everything made sense.

I watched and I learnt and I soaked up so much from what you taught. I had spoken so much illness over my previous pregnancies… No more, no way.

I began speaking life over myself and over my pregnancy. I watched hours of your teachings and the next time I had an attack of illness I spoke life over and over and refused to call an ambulance but started declaring healing in the name of Jesus. The attacks became fewer and more far between until they stopped altogether. I still had a hospital appointment after this where the doctor offered an investigative operation, to which I replied ‘I don’t need it, I’m better now.’

Meanwhile midwives and doctors spoke pre-eclampsia and low birth weight and ‘high risk’ and premature delivery over my pregnancy. I told them that she would be born a good weight and at the right time. They said she was small, so I spoke that she was the right size, then the next time I went in they tested me for gestational diabetes as she was much bigger than they had expected!

My previous babies had been small, one at under 5lbs and one at under 6lbs. My baby arrived on time according to my dates and 2 days late according to the doctors’ dates, she was a girl, I did not have pre-eclampsia, my body worked perfectly, I had the best delivery and labor that I had ever experienced and my baby weighed over 8lbs, the midwives couldn’t believe it at first.

I cannot tell you how this understanding that you have imparted has changed my life. My songs are now about what God has done for us and who we are in Christ.

I was so enthusiastic about what I learnt that I took this message to my sisters and parents. One sister used to be dependent on medicine and had previously been suicidal, she now takes no medication and speaks life to the point where it annoys people sometimes. My other sister has recovered from illness and now we meet up to pray and discuss changing how we speak to align with God’s word, she recently wrote a Christian Nativity play for our church and plans to write biblical, life giving books for children which will echo what God has done, who He says we are, and how we should live for Him. My parents have been amazed by the revelation of God’s word. The daughter of the man who directed me to you and I have become close friends and have even preached together about healing at a local interdenominational women’s meeting where we gave testimony of what Jesus has done. I play my songs with this message regularly at church and at our interdenominational women’s meeting and have even played at an open air Easter event last year in the center of our small town and at a small Presbyterian church.

Now I view life differently, whenever trouble has attempted to come our way, our approach is different, we speak life, we declare truth, we believe and I usually write a song.

Thank you Curry, thank you JGLM and all praise and glory be to God, of whom I now have a better understanding.

Your sister in Christ