An 82 year old gentleman who had dementia had a stroke and went into a coma. He was declared clinically dead, so they called the Catholic priest before they unplug him. After the priest left the wife got one of our flyers from one of the shops in Glasgow and called us. We prayed for her husband to live and not die according to Job 13:4-5 and Psalm 118:17. When she went back to the hospital that Tuesday her husband had come back to life. But the doctors said he will die again within 6 hours. He was not given food. The gentleman was still alive Saturday. When I arrived in Glasgow at his bedside in the hospital, the family had started giving him some orange juice despite the medical advice. I prayed for him again and two weeks later his sister that lives in Paris called me to tell me her 82 years old brother was discharged and is well and sound!