I have to say that there are so many testimonies to share since I found DHT and John G. Lake ministries last May. My life has completely changed and my mind is renewed by this teaching and faith walk.
Having been a Christian who couldn’t find “healing” in the churches I was attending, I sought healing modalities
elsewhere. I tried it learn it all and it wasn’t until I began to see that the people in these modalities were more interested in their own power than in anything to do with God or Jesus, that I sat down to my computer and first
prayed, “Lord, let me find a healing school that is Christian.” John G. Lake ministries was the first address that popped up on my computer and I began listening to Curry Blake’s talks in my car on my Iphone. I listened to every youtube talk I could find and I was being transformed as I drove in the city traffic.

Now Studying DHT, getting out in the streets and praying, using my words completely differently…family members
have experienced healings and renewal of their minds through my unwavering conviction that things are happening even if we can’t see it. This shift is due to the Holy Spirit.

I am so thankful for the JGLM ministries and their constant dedication to serve and equip anyone who wants to learn. I’m on fire inside for more…more….and I thank you for many examples the ministry gives to others on how to keep going as we can feel alone in our faith because even Christians don’t believe many times in healing and the scriptures to say that we are healed already.

Thank you, thank you for all your team is doing to further this creative work of God.

Rebecca and Family