Hello Pastor Blake, I got acquainted with your Ministry only in February 2017. I was at home on leave and suddenly at 9h30 a.m. one morning I saw John G. Lake Ministries on the Faith Channel. I have the book that was published by Kenneth Copeland Publications on J.G. Lake. Reading this book I thought to myself this man of God did so much for South Africa – I’m sure, I thought to myself some more of his sermons maybe /could be in some church building waiting to be found in some long forgotten cobwebbed archive here in South Africa. Also I thought so many years have passed and not many people will know the legacy of J.G. Lake – so you can imagine how blown away I was to discover John. G. Lake Ministries. I booked and came to Springs to attend the Devine Healing Technician Training. My sister came as well and on Saturday, my 89 year old father attended. Blake you prayed over him and a Second World War knuckle injury was cured. He could not make a fist with his hand from the pain and now he can do so without pain.
I’d like to be of service to Christ and your Ministry. If you need a volunteer, hands, feet, mouth, finances, skills and talent – here I am. Thank you and regards, Ioanna