A friend was given 6 months to live, the cancer had spread to many parts of her body . With prayer and the name of Jesus she is still alive . That was 7 years ago. After speaking and commanding an ongoing cough to go, it left after a couple of days . It came back again after a month, but left again in the name of Jesus. I prayed over a small breast lump and fear and stress. All left the person and the doctor found no lump. A new work position was needed, as the original one had ended. I spoke in a job even though no job was on offer. After applying for a job it was offered to him and he accepted it. A young lady was told she had very little chance of having a child. With God’s amazing grace and the mighty name of Jesus, her son is 1 year old and she is expecting her second child in 8 months time. I asked for a specific car with details that I would like. I spoke as if it was already a fact. I am now driving the car and it was all I asked for and more .
What an amazing God. What an awesome Saviour. James 1 v 17 .