witnessed another dead raising:
Call comes in as overdose. We get there and lady is not breathing with agonal pulse. Her girlfriend admits to her using a lot of cocaine. Down time is about 10 minutes. No pupil reaction. We do some other vital checks.. I’m speaking Life to her. Ambulance and police arrive. As I’m taking a blood pressure, her pulse comes back strong, she takes a few deep breaths and gets up. She is groggy, but says she is fine. Everyone, as if on cue, throws their hands up and says “wow”. I have never seen anyone ever come back from a Cocaine OD . Jesus is King!!

I’m a fireman/ EMT for the Richmond Fire Department. Two weeks ago we responded to a call for person down. We arrive to find a 3 month pregnant lady on the ground. She was dead for about 15 minutes- we did basic CPR/ laying on of hands. No other medical intervention was performed. She came back, slowly… She and the baby were both doing great later that afternoon. A coworker’s wife was there ER nurse.