Hello Mr. Blake,
My wife and I have been studying Mr Lakes sermons and teachings for many years, and have just recently discovered you. We have been watching the three day DHTT videos, and have a (DHTT) Manual as well. We are believers in every sense of the word. This past year we saw my wife’s father, who was given 3 months to live with terminal liver cancer be completely healed, and he is now enjoying his life once again. He was not a believer.

The day he found out he was healed, he was in the waiting room at the hospital waiting to see the oncologist to get “more bad news”, talking with his sister about what she was going to say at his funeral, when the Dr. came out, rather confused, and informed him that the tumors were gone, and he was totally cancer free.

We rarely have found those that will walk the line.
You are appreciated.