God spoke to me 6 months ago the word Spokane. I knew it was a place in America that was all. I call my friend and asked her if God said Spokane what would you think of it and she said John G Lake.
So has begun my journey. Went to a bookstore and bought the complete book of his teaching, started reading something out of it in the shop and started crying. Everywhere I go and everyone I talk to, John G Lake comes up in conversation.
About a month ago my back just went and I was in bed for a month, but in the meantime the Lord started speaking to me and showing me things in the word. I posted a prayer request on your website and some people in my state rang me, they sent me some stuff and I found your teaching on the internet. I have been a Christian for 20 years this year; and I always wondered because there was always that BUT. It never sat right with me. I started asking and seeking and especially in the last month.
This teaching has answered so many questions and prayers, it has changed my life. I am grabbing hold of this thing and running. I am going to get everything I can and listen to it and learn and reprogram myself to Gods word. Scripture has just opened up to me even more, I am so happy and thankful.
During all this my daughter 14 gave her life to the Lord on the 23 March 2013 and my son 12 was healed and delivered on our porch on the 23 August smiling and praising God.
Thank you so much for giving your life and time to teach me.