My sister from the Philippines got a life-threatening emergency because she could not breath and sudden paralysis on the left side of her body with a pain on the back of her neck. I made an overseas call on her in our landline but all I could hear was crying, shouting of her kids. She was inside the ambulance when I was able to call her at her mobile phone and able to speak to her with her weak voice I instructed her to put the phone in speaker mode.
This is what I said “After I pray you will be healed alright.. In the name of Jesus you will live and not die, spirit of death, spirit of infirmity, stroke and paralysis in Jesus name I break your power by the authority and by the efficiency of the blood of Jesus I command you to GO right now and never return. All Pain Go! Be Healed Now! Spirit, Soul and Body line up with the word of God. In Jesus name I thank you”
After 30-minutes my wife called me up its about my sister.
She left me a message in my Facebook account, 5-minutes upon the ambulance arrives at the hospital as she was transferred to the emergency room all the symptoms from her body left, she can breath normally, the blood pressure return to normal, pain in the neck all disappear. She can move her body the paralysis left and she told me that the doctor of the hospital discharge her because he could not find anything wrong with her. She’s at home when she message me and thanking me for praying for her and thanking God for a second life.
All the Glory to Jesus! Thank You Father!
There is no distance with Jesus!
Thank you Rev. Curry Blake for the biblical teachings, for being the tools of God, for equipping the saints!
God Bless