Dear sir/madam,

Please find my testimony in the email train below. If you think it will encourage others please go ahead and place it on your testimony page.

Thank you! No I will never stop loving our Lord Jesus. He is the truth and the way, there is no other. Thank you for the encouragement and prayer. And the Lord spoke mightily this morning. My daughter came running into my bedroom saying “sorry I’m too early but I had a dream!” She dreamt she saw a circle open in the sky, and it was surrounded by angels and great light came out and Jesus came down, she couldn’t see Jesus or the Angels as they were too bright but she saw them, and then she and the people around her went up! What a beautiful way to be woken up this morning!

One further update, the Lord has me praying for people again! I’m rusty, but I feel a breakthrough took place! Hallelujah, I wish everyone would understand the depth of His love. And I feel so blessed, I realize everything happened to show me it was all God from the start. Not my courage, my knowledge, my strength. It was all God. I would not have realized that if I wasn’t, literally, broken for a season. But I look forward to the restoration that has clearly started, to continue to serve Him humbly but in the strongest conviction of His truth and majesty. Thank you Jesus, and thank you too! Blessings!