PRAISE REPORTS! Thank You JGLM, for All of your Prayers.
Father has been GOOD and FAITHFUL – Many Blessings and answered Prayers flowed in this month. I received my refund check after several blocks, Praise God! I also Received a surprise Bonus check for $800 and a book cover job that brought in $750! A couple months before that, my former employer paid me out for 3 weeks of Vacation time, Thank You Lord! Today, God gave me Grace and Favor to get out of my 2007 damaged car, to a brand new 2017 car! Insurance was going to be too high, so they called another insurance company. I’m now paying half of what full coverage would’ve cost with my old insurance company. God is restoring what the enemy had stolen from me financially, over the last 14 years. As i sat at the Dealership, scripture came to my cell (phone)
“Psalm 33:9 “For he Spake, and it was done, he commanded, and it stood fast” (888 characters used! Just saw it! Seen 888 many times … 8 IS NEW
BEGINNINGS!) Father Bless You All