Here’s a testimony from O’Fallon, Illinois: We are a military family, and many of our friends are deployed overseas. The very week following the DHT, while an active duty mother of two young children awaited her husband’s return from a six month deployment in Iraq, she received a telephone call from her family in California that her mother has been rushed to the ER with what we later learned to be kidney failure, congestive heart failure, and diabetic complications.
We know this family well and have taken care of their one and five year old many times, and the last thing that this sergeant needed to hear was having to gather her little ones onto a long flight to California and be with her mother. She was faced with a crisis set of decisions, and she did not know the exact prognosis (but she knew if her kidney’s were failing. . this was very serious. . . she knew that if she went to California, she would have to leave her little ones behind, while expending funds for airline fare, and of course miss the opportunity to greet her husband upon his return. The Holy Spirit led me to write a prayer for her to pray for her mother (she’s a young Christian) so this was just what I was told to do. Sometimes you just have to do what you’re led to do even when you may not see it in the natural. Then, I gathered my anointing oil and headed for her house in the dark of night. While God is yet healing my problem with night vision, away I went. We read scriptures, talked about her Mom, and awaited the long distance updates from the ER every 15 minutes or so from her brother and sister who had already arrived. Then I followed Brother Curry’s directions (I am intercessor, so in this case) I laid hands on the daughter just as if it were her mother. I also included my method of praying the ACTS.

I prayed to God – I Acknowledged his glory, his excellence, his majesty, we Confessed of any sins in our bodies, we Thanked the Lord for his blessings upon the lives of her, her mother, her husband, and her family, and then we presented our Supplication for God’s blessings. After we prayed, I asked her to pray the prayer that the Holy Spirit had given me for her mother. As we prayed, my friend, a California native, prayed in English with heavy Spanish accent, for God knoweth all of our languages and tongues, the presence of the Lord fell heavily within the room. I laid hands on her and USING THE DIVINE HEALING TRAINING as taught by BROTHER CURRY, I commanded the heart failure and kidney failure to “GO”. I concluded by interceding for her mother to receive the healing that God had just released upon her life. Within a few hours, the reports from the Emergency Room in California changed from “Mom’s hanging on”, to “Mon’s improving . . .something has happened. . .Mom’s getting better”. Praise the Lord, she was released after a very brief hospitalization. God healed her and we give God, all of the Glory, Honor, and Praise!
Thank you Brother Curry, for teaching us how to release His power within . . . ! ! !
God bless you,
B Dukes, St Louis, MO.