We commanded healing for J… and she
started to see shapes, letters, and colors.

A lady me and Archie commanded healing for from a distance who was in severe pan, her jaw was broken, is doing much better since we commanded her jaw to be knit
together, all pain to lace wholeness from head to toe.

A person we commanded healing for said his eyes were healed, praise Jesus!

We commanded healing from head to toe for
a man, they gave us his name, and believe it done. A lady gave us her daughter”s name
to command healing for her from head to toe, and a young man from head to toe, who
was unresponsive, we commanded wholeness from head to toe, and expect him to wake up.

I commanded healing for a lady, and witnessed Jesus to her, and her breathing went back to normal. She has my phone number, and I witnessed Jesus to two other men, and another man I commanded for his ankle to go back to the normal size, all pain as leaving, and he felt as thanking me, I said
Don’t thank me praise Jesus!

I witnessed Christ yesterday to two people, and commanded healing for them from head to toe, one a young lady, and a man who said things changed for him, and was considering receiving Jesus. A lady said her pain left as I commanded healing for her, and I asked her if she confessed Jesus as her lord and Savior and believe he died for her, I will take her a bible.