Hello Brother Curry,

My family and I are missionaries to the First Nations in the Northern parts of Ontario. How north you may ask? Well, let’s just say there are Polar Bears in our part of the Father’s Harvest field, so, north enough. As you have said, “If it’s white, it ain’t right”… we certainly are not in a place that is “right” for a Texan, but as I’m sure you know, having been in Canada on one of our Reserves out west, it’s really always right for the Kingdom of Heaven!

I’ll be brief.

You were not the first person we had known of to teach the “Command” of healing. You were, however, the first one not in the Bible, so we have been greatly blessed by your dedication, determination, and your willingness to take the lonely walk that is so often required when pioneering new territory. Especially territory that is based in warfare.

Due to the excellence of the message the Spirit has brought through you, (as it seems you function very much like a grinding stone, making the swords of the body of Christ sharp and effective), we have seen a notable effectiveness in our ministry and the joy that results in those who are healed.

I will share one testimony in particular, though there are many (we have seen stage 4 cancer with 3 month to live, beat, in the name of Jesus). One day on the reservation, I was walking with my family. A pick-up truck sped up next to us and slammed on the breaks. A woman inside yelled “Aaron”. So I looked in. It was a lady from across the road, though we had only met once briefly, about 6 weeks prior. Her family was in the truck, all with masks on. They had just come from the hospital. (The hospitals up here are very simple, and often there is not a doctor present) She told me her husband was in the hospital and was going to be flown out due to his heart. (If you are getting flown out it is very serious)

She didn’t ask me, she told me to get in the truck, as she was taking me to the hospital to pray for her husband. She had heard about what we do. Her kids were crying in the truck, as they didn’t want to loose their dad. We sped off to the hospital. She marched right in, with me in tow. She didn’t even stop at the desk to ask if I can come in, just went right into the emergency room where her husband was. I followed, and he was all hooked up to the monitors and had tubes and what not going into him. He was naturally surprised to see me. She said, Aaron is going to pray for you. So I smiled and did what I’ve been taught. “Spirit of infirmity, leave him right now. Body, you function. Do your job. Heart. You are going to work perfectly. All systems of this body are going to regulate perfectly. You will function perfectly now, in Jesus name. Ok, have a good time hunting this year!” And out I went. He was back home the next day totally well, and has remained totally healed since.

How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation?!

Bless you and your work. You always have friends in the North.

In Christ,

Aaron & family.